This is your home{base}.

We’re going to make you an awesome website. We’re pretty psyched about it.


Payment due upon site completion.

We just need to ask you a few questions, and then we'll get you all set up. The current wait time for new home{base} orders is about 24 hours.

Please Note: The number at right is an estimate. It's usually pretty much correct. But sometimes there are factors for which it doesn't account. We'll e-mail you an official quote after we've had a chance to look your order over. You don't pay us until your home{base} is ready to go live. ( The final price includes hosting for a full year; after that it's $60/year or $9/month. )

I want a home{base}!

We totally get that. Just tell us what you're looking for and what services/websites you currently use, and we'll shoot you an estimate in a day or two.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
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Choose a model

Home{base} offers different models to suit different needs. Learn more on our home{base} models page. Or let us figure it out.

  • Our general-purpose default theme, for people with a lot of balls in the digital air. Learn more about The Polymath.

  • Specially tailored to the needs of Filmmakers, actors, and performance artists, this full-featured portfolio site keeps in close contact with your Vimeo account. Learn more about The Kineticist.

  • Combine all of your content streams into an elegant, minimalist blog. Learn more about The Socialite.

  • Need your various accounts and feeds organized and presented in a special way? Chances are, we can handle it for you. (This option gets you an entirely bespoke theme. If you just want one of the existing models customized with particular colors and fonts, select the model you want above and proceed to the Design & Customization section)

  • Our standard form allows you to receive emails from visitors without having to reveal your email address, and it helps cut down on spam. But maybe you have specific questions you'd like people to answer when they contact you (their location, their area of inquiry, flight or invisibility, etc.). We can add custom fields to your form to collect whatever data you want. (This should not be used, however, to collect sensitive information like credit card numbers).

  • Your contact widget can be embedded (just like a YouTub video) pretty much anywhere HTML is accepted. Let people send you emails from your blogs or other sites without giving out your address and exposing yourself to spambots. (If you choose a custom contact form, those extra fields will be included.)

  • Every home{base} adapts to the size, shape, and functionality of each visitor's screen. Which means your touch-friendly tablet and phone sites come standard.

Design & Customization

Want us to tailor the look and feel of your home{base}?

  • We'll incorporate your look into your home{base}.

  • No problem. The team that designed and built home{base} (and a lot of other websites) will develop a look for you or your company (in consultation with you, of course) and incorporate it into your homebase.

Settings & Services

Help us find your various online outposts and attach them to your home{base}.

  • home{base} can synch to any blog or website that generates an RSS feed. If you use a blogging service, or run your site on Wordpress software, you're probably in good shape. Not sure? Enter the address and we'll figure it out.

    Add another blog or site.
  • Yes, we know, a Tumblr *is* a blog. We're just trying to make this simple and obvious for everyone. Also, nobody likes a know-it-all.

    Add another Tumblr.
  • Add another Twitter account.
  • Add another Facebook account.
  • Add another Vimeo account.
  • Add another Etsy store.
  • Where's my Google Analytics tracking ID?

  • Need your site to synchronize with a service we don't yet support? An e-commerce platform, perhaps, or a less ubiquitous social network? Chances are we can handle it. We'll build a custom module just for you.

    Add another custom service: $500

Use a custom web address? ( You can always change this later. )

  • Okay. For the record, using your own domain name will help you with the likes of Google, and be more memorable to your potential visitors. And since home{base} links back to your other locations, it makes a good landing page, or home base, if you will.